History & Vision of MU

Maziar University has been established in 2005 in Royan City, Mazandaran province, Iran. Royan is a city located in a zone known by its knowledge – based economy and ecotourism. The university has started its educational activity with two disciplines included Painting; Visual Art and graphic; Visual Art. The university primary goal is to develop the required knowledge and skills which support national and local development systems. In the short period of its existence, the university has made numerous achievements in academic research and education at local and national levels. It has also developed several academic relations with distinguished home and foreign academic and industrial institutions. This includes student and academic staff exchange, publication of books and research projects, and holding national and international meetings, workshop and conferences.
Vision statement
The name of Maziar implies on two messages: first, it represents the symbol of capability, durability, and sustainability of Iranian science and culture and then, it is going to be one of the most innovative universities in international levels based on its comparative advantages.
Mission statement
To support the knowledge economy of the country
To Foster a spirit of research and inquiry in order to respond the country needs
To support scientific technological and artistic innovations
To reinforce international, scientific, and cultural relationship with the other knowledge based institutions

Sunday 19 August 2018